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Who plays the robot in Richie Rich?

Actor:Jake Brennan, Kiff VandenHeuvel, Lauren

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Moreover, who is Darcy in Richie Rich?

Jenna Ortega

Likewise, is there a season 3 of Richie Rich? Richie Rich Season 3 Officially Cancelled. Developed by Brian Robbins and Jeff Hodsden, Richie Rich is an American sitcom that is based on Harvey Comics' comic book of the same name. Starring Jake Brennan, this is one of Netflix original series that was first released in February 2015 to mixed reviews.

Also to know is, is Richie Rich a real person?

Richard Anthony pictured inside at Richworld studios in 2012. Richard "Richie Rich" Anthony (born June 13, 1964, Harlem, New York), is an American actor, hip hop and R&B record producer, rapper and entrepreneur. He is the founder and current CEO of Richworld Entertainment.

How did Richie Rich get his money?

Despite any negative stereotypes associated with his incredible wealth, Richie Rich is portrayed as kind and charitable (in fact, his moniker is "the poor little rich boy") he lives in an expensive mansion and owns at least two of everything money can buy.

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