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Who owns the house in the movie Something Gotta Give?

James Tisch

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In respect to this, where is the house used in Something's Gotta Give?

576 Meadow Ln, Southampton, NY

Subsequently, question is, who was the baby in Something's Gotta Give? Cast (in credits order) verified as complete

Jack NicholsonHarry Sanborn
María EsquivelHostess (as Maria Esquivel)
Madelyn KennedyMarin's Baby
Raney KennedyMarin's Baby
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Also asked, how much is the house in Something Gotta Give?

The spectacular oceanfront Southampton estate used as Diane Keaton and Jack Nicholson's love nest in the film "Something's Gotta Give" has sold for a whopping $41 million, the Daily News has learned.

When was Something's Gotta Give made?

February 12, 2004 (Germany)

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