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Where are the statues from the Parthenon?

Acropolis of Athens

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Similarly, it is asked, what statues are in the Parthenon?

Sculptures of the ParthenonThe main sculptural decorations of the Parthenon include the Chryselephantyne statue of Athena, the East and West pediments, the metopes of the peristyle, and the continuous frieze of the cella.

Also, who created the sculptures in the Parthenon? Pheidias

In this regard, where did the Athena Parthenos go?


What do the metope sculptures on the Parthenon all represent?

Most Greek temples had few decorated metopes, but in the Parthenon all ninety-two metopes were decorated on all sides with scenes from Greek mythology. At the east (or front) of the temple the metopes depicted the Gigantomachy, or the battle between the gods and the giants.

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