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What was the role of the fur trade in New France?

The First Nations brought fur pelts of otter, mink, marten and fox and traded them for European tools, pots and liquor. The fur was used to decorate the coats and hats of the well-to-do in Europe.

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Subsequently, one may also ask, why was the fur trade so important New France?

For a long period of time the fur trade was very important to New France. They sold items like boots, coats, clothes, furniture and many more. Some of the items sold in New France weren't very useful or important for them so they sold them to other countries that would find them more valuable.

Secondly, how did the French fur trade affect Native Americans? Most of the Indian nations with which the French had trading alliances were agricultural. With the fur trade, men's economic importance increased as they now hunted not just for calories, but for trade goods. As their hunting ranges increased, this brought them into more conflicts with other tribes.

Correspondingly, what role did the French play in the fur trade?

The fur trading industry played a major role in the development of the United States and Canada for more than 300 years. The fur trade began in the 1500's as an exchange between Indians and Europeans. The Indians, in turn, gave pelts to the French. By the late 1500's, a great demand for fur had developed in Europe.

How did the fur trade end?

and the American Fur Co. It did not end until 1833 when the American Fur Co. abandoned its posts along the border in exchange for an annual cash payment from Hudson Bay. Trade in the Snake River area was described as very poor, but trade licenses continued to be issued until the late 1830's.

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