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What is rigor in psychology?

Rigour or rigor (see spelling differences) has a number of meanings in relation to intellectual life and discourse. Scholarship can be defined as intellectual rigour applied to the quality control of information; which implies an appropriate standard of accuracy, and scepticism applied to accepting anything on trust.

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Then, what is the definition of rigor in research?

Rigor is many things. It is dissatisfaction with uncertainty, with inaccurate answers, with unprecise measurements, with the spread between the plus and the minus. Rigor is also being methodical commitment to experimental procedure, to the need of controlling all parameters that can affect the results of our tests.

Additionally, what is rigor in qualitative research? As a concept, rigor is perhaps best thought of in terms of the quality of the research process. A number of features are thought to define rigorous qualitative research: transparency, maximal validity or credibility, maximal reliability or dependability, comparativeness, and reflexivity.

what determines the rigor of a study?

Rigor is simply defined as the quality or state of being very exact, careful, or with strict precision8 or the quality of being thorough and accurate. The term qualitative rigor itself is an oxymoron, considering that qualitative research is a journey of explanation and discovery that does not lend to stiff boundaries.

How do you ensure rigor in quantitative research?

In order to ensure the process is trustworthy, Guba and Lincoln (1989) propose the research should satisfy four criteria. They are credibility, transferability, dependability, and confirmability. Credibility ensures the study measures what is intended and is a true reflection of the social reality of the participants.

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