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What is another name for a hot water heating system?

Alternate Synonyms for "hot-water heater":
water heater; hot-water tank; heater; warmer; tank; storage tank.

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Also question is, what's another name for water heater?

Alternate Synonyms for "water heater":hot-water heater; hot-water tank; heater; warmer; tank; storage tank.

Similarly, what is hot water supply system? Hot water supply systems consist of heat sources, water treatment apparatus, water heaters, pipelines to transport the water, and devices to regulate and control the water's temperature.

Just so, why is it called a hot water heater?

The term hot water heater specifically refers to a device or equipment that produces 'hot water' (of course?). The generic term water heater refers to that which produces either hot water or steam (i.e., a 'boiler', which term may also be used for that which produces hot water).

What are the different types of water heaters?

A.5 Main Types of Water Heater

  • Conventional Storage Tank Water Heater.
  • Tankless Water Heater (On-Demand Water Heater)
  • Heat Pump Water Heater (Hybrid Water Heater)
  • Solar Powered Water Heater.
  • Condensing Water Heater.
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