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What is a standing order in the medical field?

A standing order is a written instruction issued by a medical practitioner, dentist, nurse practitioner or optometrist. It authorises a specified person or class of people (eg, paramedics, registered nurses) who do not have prescribing rights to administer and/or supply specified medicines and some controlled drugs.

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Keeping this in consideration, what does standing order mean in medical terms?

A "standing order" is a prewritten medication order and specific instructions from the licensed independent practitioner to administer a medication to a person in clearly defined circumstances. If a gastroenterologist sets up standing orders for patients about to undergo colonoscopy, a nurse could carry them out.

Similarly, what is a standing order why does it need to be in writing? Standing orders are written protocols that authorize designated members of the health care team (e.g., nurses or medical assistants) to complete certain clinical tasks without having to first obtain a physician order. This can improve efficiency by freeing physicians to focus on more complex care.

Hereof, how do you write a standing order?

Five steps for standing orders

  1. Consider the effect on existing clinic workflows and responsibilities and patient flow,
  2. Explain clearly who is responsible for each task, keeping state licensure limits in mind,
  3. Include the date the standing order was written or when it was last reviewed,

What is the difference between a protocol and a standing order?

Protocol: protocols allow the paramedic to perform medical procedures that are normally in the domain of a physician. Standing orders are more like temporary rules or methods, while protocols are more definitive and usually follow a series of algorithms.

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