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What are hard and soft savings?

Definition of hard savings and soft savings
Hard savings – dollars to the bottom line now. Direct impact to the “profit and loss statement”. Soft savings – possibility of dollars to the bottom line in the future. Intangible with no definite price tag attached to them.

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Also asked, what is hard dollar?

Hard dollars are cash fees or payments made by an investor or customer to a brokerage firm in return for their services. Hard dollar payments are usually set amounts that are known before a customer begins dealing with a broker.

Subsequently, question is, what is hard and soft benefits? Hard benefits are those that (a) can be attributed solely to the training program and (b) can be assigned a specific financial value. Soft benefits are those that (a) cannot be solely attributed to the training program and/or (b) cannot be readily assigned a specific financial value.

Likewise, what is hard and soft costs?

Generally, hard costs are more tangible and therefore easier to estimate. In short, soft costs are any costs that are not considered direct construction costs. Soft costs include everything from architectural and engineering fees, to legal fees, pre- and post-construction expenses, permits and taxes, insurance, etc.

What are soft cost savings?

Soft Savings. Six Sigma project benefits such as reduced time to market, cost avoidance, lost profit avoidance, improved employee morale, enhanced image for the organization and other intangibles may result in additional savings to your organization, but are harder to quantify. These are referred to as soft savings.

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