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How much is Klay Thompson paid?

32.74 million USD (2020)

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Accordingly, how much does Klay Thompson make per game?

Estimated Career Earnings

YearSalaryTrade Kicker

Additionally, what is Klay Thompson contract? The NBA's salary cap is currently projected to be $109m this summer, meaning that Thompson's starting salary would be around $32.7m. With the 8% raises, that max contract would have a total value of almost $190m over five years. Year-by-year Thompson would earn $35.3m, $37.9m, $40.5m, and finally $43.2m at age 34.

Also, how much money did Klay Thompson lose?

Former WSU guard Klay Thompson snubbed from All-NBA, lost out on $30 million.

Does Klay Thompson have a player option?

Source: It's a full five-year max for Klay Thompson, not a 4+1. No player option on the fifth year. No 'no trade' clause. Golden State faces major changes with Kevin Durant heading to the Nets and Thompson out with a torn ACL.

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