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How much does Miller paint cost?

The retail prices for the line range between $42 and $52 per gallon. Working with the KILZ® Brand to launch the new line, Miller Paint will be the first Pacific Northwest paint store retailer to offer the Magnolia Home by Joanna Gaines Paint.

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Considering this, is Miller Paint any good?

Miller Paint has done it right with Evolution, a truly perfect interior paint when it comes to color and texture. The Evolution series boasts many unique and high quality finishes in a wide variety of modern colors. The artist in you will adore these rich textures and thick smooth coating that Miller Paint offers.

Also Know, who owns Miller Paint? The small family-owned Miller Paint business continued to grow under Ernest Miller Sr. and his three sons, Walt, Herb, and Earnest Jr.

Also asked, does Home Depot sell Miller Paint?

Dusty Miller - Paint Colors - Paint - The Home Depot.

Does Miller Paint recycle paint?

The Miller Paint Co. store at 1040 N.W. Murray Road has been designated as a collection site where consumers can take old paint for recycling. Paint brought in must be wet and in sealed containers.

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