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Does BurgerFi have lettuce wraps?

BurgerFi recently revealed its KetoFi, a protein-packed burger made with all-natural angus beef topped with bacon and a fried egg. You can order any burger and have it "green style," meaning it'll be wrapped in lettuce instead of stacked between two buns.

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Similarly, it is asked, what kind of beef does BurgerFi use?

American black Angus beef

Likewise, does BurgerFi come with fries? BurgerFi Prices. BurgerFi is a fast food restaurant chain specializing in burger and fries meals. Unlike your average fast food restaurant, their burgers are made from never-frozen and guaranteed to be fresh Angus beef.

Secondly, what is green style at BurgerFi?

If you are headed there, drop the bun and go green with their newest 'Green Style' (lettuce wrapped) Beyond Burger! If you are looking for another meatless burger option, you can also try the VegeFi Burger. It features crispy quinoa + pure-cut veggie Burger, white cheddar cheese, lettuce, tomato and BurgerFi Sauce.

Is BurgerFi and Burgerim the same?

But for a small group of customers who can't decide between the beef or veggie patties, BurgerFi features the Conflicted Burger, which contains both a natural Angus burger and veggie burger. It generates about 3 percent of burger sales. BurgerFi's Conflicted Burger includes both a beef and veggie patty.

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