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Do ionizers really work?

A summary of scientific tests of air purifiers foundthat most ionizers have no noticeable effect on particulatelevels (p. 8). Their conclusion is that most ionizers aretoo weak to have an effect. Studies do show an effect ifthey use very strong ionizers–much stronger than mostionizers on the market (p.

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Also, is it safe to breathe ionized air?

The potential danger with this is that humansdon't usually breathe ionized air, and many studies showthat electromagnetically charged particles can damage lungs. Ozonecan irritate airways and exacerbate breathing-relatedproblems. The best way to use an ionizer is with anoperation scheduler or timer.

Likewise, what does the ionizer do on an air purifier? An air ionizer purifies the air in a roomby electrically charging air molecules. Many airpurifiers use fans and filters to remove contaminants from theair. Air ionizers use ions to remove particulates,microbes, and odors from the air.

Subsequently, one may also ask, do ionizers get rid of dust?

Ozone kills mold, bacteria, viruses, and odors, but itdoes not remove dust from your home. Filters collectthe dust and dander rather than just pushing it around theroom as an ionizer does, so that it does not becomeairborne again. The only true way to remove dust out of theair is to filter the air.

Does ionizer kill germs?

The ionizer had the ability to kill thebacteria, and ion capture dramatically reduced itsbactericidal effect, indicating that the ozone generated had littleor no bactericidal effect under these conditions, and the ionsproduced were responsible for almost all the bacterialkilling.

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