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Did the A's win 20 in a row?

A's 20 Game Streak. In 2002 the Oakland A's won 20 consecutive games, setting an American League record. The A's went on to win the AL West with a record of 103-59, though they lost in the division series to the Twins in 5 games.

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Also know, do the A's win in Moneyball?

Spoiler Alert: 'Moneyball' ends with A's winning 2002 World Series on walkoff Scott Hatteberg homer. In the movie, the A's go onto to win the World Series in dramatic fashion even though they were actually eliminated in the first round of the playoffs by the Twins.

Similarly, who has the longest winning streak in baseball? The 1916 New York Giants hold the record for the longest winning streak in MLB history at 26. The Chicago Cubs franchise has won 21 games twice, once in 1880 (as the Chicago White Stockings) and once in 1935. The 2017 Cleveland Indians won 22 straight games, the longest winning streak in American League history.

Subsequently, question is, what year did Oakland win 20 in a row?


Who broke the A's winning streak?

The Indians beat the Detroit Tigers 2-0 Tuesday night in Cleveland to win their 20th straight game — tying the American League winning streak held by the 2002 Oakland Athletics.

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