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Can you fill a scuba tank with an air compressor?

Using an air compressor to fill a scuba tank involves expensive equipment and the installation cost is high. Normally, scuba tanks can take air at a pressure of 3,000 pounds per square inch. Smaller cylinders are also available for different purposes.

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In respect to this, how much does it cost to fill a scuba tank with air?

TANK DESCRIPTIONCost per Fill(12) Fill Air Card
SCUBA Cylinders (Up to 3500 psi) - Pacific Wilderness Dive Club Members & Commercial Dive Accounts$5.00$30.00 ($2.50 per Fill)
SCUBA Cylinders (Up to 3500 psi) - General Public$5.00$40.00 ($3.33 per Fill)
SCBA Cylinders (Up to 3000 psi) -$5.00$40.00 ($3.33 per Fill)

Subsequently, question is, how much air can a scuba tank hold? The average sized scuba tanks holds about 80 cubic feet of air at 3,000 psi. For comparison purposes, at sea level 80 cubic feet of air is usually described as being the size of a telephone booth. It will weigh about 6.5 pounds.

One may also ask, where can I fill my scuba tank?

Check locally for dive shops or paintball fields. You can also contact a regional cylinder tester for businesses that will be able to fill your tank. If you have a Benjamin PCP tank, be sure to confirm they can fill to 4500 PSI.

What kind of air goes in a scuba tank?

Most divers use scuba tanks filled with simple compressed air (filtered and dehumidified). This is safe and standard within recreational diving limits – breathing other gasses or exceeding depth/time limits requires the use of specialised gas mixtures: primarily Nitrox, Trimix and oxygen.

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