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Can you use tap water to flush radiator?

If you do a cooling system flush using tap water you will never get all of that water out of the system. Once you refill the system with a 50/50 mix coolant and distilled water, some of the tap water will still be circulating in the system.

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Also to know is, do I have to use distilled water to flush radiator?

Distilled only!! Regular tap or hose water includes trace amounts of calcium and other minerals that will eventually cause electrolysis. Tap water has minerals that can cause buildup and corrosion. While you are at it you can use the distilled water to fill up your battery if the water is low.

Subsequently, question is, can I use vinegar to flush my radiator? Vinegar is an acid, but is mild acetic acid and typically 5% such. You can also use vinegar to soak overnight in your plastic coolant overflow tank if disconnected from radiator, then drain it out, flush with clear water as needed, then reconnect and add some coolant to it.

In this manner, can I mix coolant with tap water?

No! You should never mix coolant fluid with regular tap water. Tap water contains minerals that can form deposits inside the radiator and cooling system passages of your engine.

Can a radiator flush cause problems?

Eventually, this will likely lead to damage to gaskets or other components, meaning leaks, overheating and those other problems that are usually signs that your vehicle requires a radiator flush. It's much better to do the radiator flush now than after it has started doing damage to your car's engine.

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